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3 Takeaways from the Search Engine Journal Summit

Digital Marketing Takeaways

The Search Engine Journal’s Dallas Summit was packed with digital marketing industry veterans that came together to offer the rest of us some of their best tips and tricks. 3 Takeaways was the theme of the Search Engine Journal Summit, so I reviewed all of the presenters slides again and extracted what I believe to be the most helpful digital marketing best practices.

1. Content Marketing Strategy Takeaway:

  • Creating a Winning Enterprise Content Strategy | Michelle Lowery
    • Know your audience and write for them.
    • Don’t make content marketing an afterthought.
  • Engaging Content Marketing for Boring Industries | Mindy Weinstein
    • You may think that your subject matter is boring, but this is when you should inject real-life stories. This strategy is excellent for those with service industry clients. It can be difficult for writers and SEOs to create or optimize content for a plumber, but one of the easiest ways to generate content ideas is to think about a common problem or provide a solution to a FAQ. Many homeowners across the country are performing searches surrounding clogged drains and a piece of content on “how to clear a clogged drain” would be very relevant to a plumber’s audience. This would be an example of content including a real-life story that would be attractive to readers because they can easily identify with the subject matter. This is a problem that a plumber probably fixes several times a week and we’ve turned it into a quality piece of content that is easily converted into a “how to video” for the client’s YouTube page and an easy to follow infographic. You now have three pieces of content that can increase online visibility. Even better, this idea is scalable and you have created an editorial calendar for the next six months.

2. Enterprise and Local Search Strategy:

  • Content-Brand Pyramid for SEO | Dennis Goedegebuure
    • Google says that LUMPS are what is right for your website.
    • LUMPS: Links, URL, Meta Tags, Page Content, Sitemaps.
  • Commons Mistakes in Enterprise Local Search | Greg Gifford
    • Unique content and photos on your Google My Business Page.
    • Must Optimize On-Page content.
    • Must include local links and local content.
    • Include NAP on every page that is marked up with schema.
    • Location pages need to provide the user with unique and valuable content, not just the address and phone number.
    • Do not over-optimize.
    • Citations do not have consistent data.
  • International SEO: You Need to Start Playing Offense with Your Keywords | Eli Schwartz
    • The U.S Market makes up only 10% of Internet Users.
    • U.S Market is only 30% of the e-commerce spend.
    • Don’t use machine translation.
    • The meaning of a word can change by region, think of the pop vs. soda debate and how this could affect how your international content appears in search results in other countries.

3. Social Media Strategy

  • Effective Social Media Strategies – Lissa Duty
    • If a business is ignoring social media, they are missing out on the opportunity to manage their online reputation and their brand.
  • Enterprise Facebook Advertising Strategy – Kate Buck Jr.
    • Create a lookalike audience based on your customer list.
    • Upload customer email list and Facebook will match those email addresses to Facebook profiles.
    • Allows for targeted ads because you already know this person is a customer and what they purchased.
    • This leads to increased brand engagement and opportunities to build brand advocates.

The Summit was filled packed with actionable insights, and it would not do the speakers justice if I regurgitated their work here. The presentations from all of the SEJ Summits stops are assembled on SEJ’s Slideshare.



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